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How to Sell Furniture on Craigslist

Since last year, I have managed to sell quite a number of used and unused items via Craigslist. Besides, I have also bought quite a number of items at a great discount. I bought my dining table at a very cheap price. In fact, most of my friends could not believe it.

My strategies are not 100% perfect, but, they have always worked well for me. So far, I have posted 20 adverts and I have sold 15 items successfully.  I have bought 10 items successfully, however; there are about three sellers who had incredible adverts though whatever they were selling was not genuine so I had to change my mind. You cannot expect Craigslist to be 100% perfect but, I can confess that I have found the platform to be one of the most convenient.

There are ups and downs whenever you are planning to sell or buy from an online platform. You will meet serious buyers and sellers which is the ultimate goal of every individual. At the same time, you will also meet serious jokers.  As a matter of fact, this platform does not have a system of eliminating serious buyers and sellers thou, if the users come across a suspicious advert, they can flag it and it will be removed by the administrators. You need to be smart to differentiate between serious buyers and sellers.

Selling furniture on Craigslist

Selling or buying furniture on is not a trial and error thing. There are certain steps that you have to follow to ensure that your advert not only stands out, but, you will be able to get a potential buyer. Some of these important factors to consider include:

Market research and planning; it is only “a serious joker” who will rush to post an advert about his or her furniture without a comprehensive plan and a proper research. There are key things you need to consider when it comes to selling on craigslist and include; price, description and picture about the furniture you would wish to sell.

For instance, do not assume that you are the only person who will be selling a television stand; there are thousands of such items being sold on Craigslist. I remember when I posted an advert about my bed; there were 15 beds which were similar to the one I was selling. Craigslist is one of the most competitive marketplaces on the internet thus; you must be smart and witty to meet your principle objective.

Compare prices and the language used more so if it is your first time on the platform. The manner in which you package your advert will tell your buyer so much about you and the product you intend to sell.  They should see some sense of seriousness in your advert. If you are genuine, then you will get quite a number of people who will be ready to do business with you.

The price tag on your furniture should be based on the average price of similar items which are being sold on most online platforms. By reviewing these adverts, you will get the technical knowledge on how to describe your product. Buyers will only go for those adverts with detailed information.

In your plan, you need to plan how you will meet potential buyers. This should include the viewing process and the mode of payment.

This is a very crucial stage; you should have a well-designed plan on how you will go about the process. You should have a well written advert with the best price tag on the furniture you are planning to sell and the necessary relevant photographs. The advert should have a title and vivid description of every item. It is important to have all the legal documents which indicate that the item you are about to sell is yours and not a stolen one. A good number of buyers are very much interested in confirming that the item you are planning to sell is really yours.

Give all your customers a good impression by selling an item which is presentable, clean and in good shape. After you have tailored your description to meet the required standards, you can visit, log in to your account or if you don’t have an account you can create one to post the advert.

The Advert is up and running; scammers are constantly patrolling Craigslist and therefore, as a general rule; I don’t respond to emails I receive within the first 45 minutes after I have posted my advert. Ignore emails from people who are willing to pay for the product even before viewing it or are already planning to pay more for the product. Do you think there is anybody who will to pay more than the market price of a commodity? You should also ignore gibberish email addresses such as These have some of my key tools I use on Craigslist.


These buyers are strangers thus; you have to be very cautious. You should meet them in a public place. If possible, get someone to accompany you. Do not allow them to get in your house. You can move the item to your garage or patios. Allowing strangers into your home is dangerous. Can you imagine meeting about 50 buyers who are obviously strangers? Your safety and the safety of the remaining items in your house is very important. You can always opt for the “hide your personal details” option on this website. After all, it is a public forum.


You should only accept cash. It should be a one-time deal; the buyer takes the furniture and you get your money. You need to be flexible but do not over negotiate the price too much; you may end up making losses. Selling furniture on Craigslist is very simple and convenient, only if you follow these guidelines. Dealing with buyers for the very first time can be a challenging process but, with time, you will get used to it.


I remember when I was selling my fist furniture, I was a little nervous. Right now, I do it confidently and I have been able to help my friends go about the process successfully.